Power Of Africa Conference
Power Of Africa Conference is an International event that spotlights the Greatness of Africa across diverse sectors while also promoting creative strategies to tackle the challenges which had limited Africa from reaching its full potentials. The conference is an event initiative of Power Of Africa aka POA, a radical pro-Africa sustainable resource and innovation development project founded by JTON Productions Inc. USA.

Power Of Africa Conference 2023 [#POA2023] is an International 2-Days Virtual Conference holding in August, 2023. The goal of the #POA2023 conference is to build on last year's conference by expanding the platform to showcase the best of Africa and facilitate collaborative thinking for the advancement of Africa.

The theme of the POA 2023 Conference is 'The Future is Africa'. This conference will feature 80+ Thoughts Leaders, Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Prominent stakeholders from diverse sectors to speak, discuss, and facilitate strategic roadmaps for a building a New Africa. This year, Power of Africa Conference 2023 will focus proactive thinking and expand conversations on 11 major sectors/issues that impacts on the African continent. These will include: Politics/Leadership, Education, Business & Finance, Energy, Technology, Health, Agriculture, Entertainment/Arts & Culture, Tourism & Travels, Trades & Partnership, and Media. The conference is is open to all Africans and Africa's 'enthusiasts' in general including the Africans in Diaspora, Organization Leaders/CEOs, Business Magnates, Corporate Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs around the globe.

Learn, Network, Facilitate New Ideas and Actionable strategies; and so much more for the New Africa
The conference will bring together over 10.000 participants from all over the world
World-class Thought Leaders across key sectors will be providing actionable insights on building a better African continent
Why Power Of Africa
Power Of Africa's motto is Building the New Africa. Africa is inbuilt with diverse natural resources and great talents; however, over the years the lack of effective developmental structure and bad governance in Africa have limited Africa from becoming one of the greatest continents in the world.

Power Of Africa Conference will facilitate opportunities to discuss and promote new ideas along with actionable strategies that will help Revolutionize Africa and re-introduce a new Africa to the world.
Speak at Power Of Africa Conference
We are bringing some of the most experienced Thought Leaders from Africa and the Diaspora to speak at Power of Africa Conference.

Would you love to be a Speaker at our conference? Feel free to send us an email with the subject 'SPEAKER' to info@powerofafrica.com
    Get inspired with Africa's true stories of greatness. Stay in touch with the latest realities of the Best of Africa.
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