Banga soup is a delicious soup made from palm nut fruit.This dish can be made with a range of meats and seafood and is made up of a variety of spices. The way that bangas are made in Nigeria differs by tribe.

There is the one prepared by Deltans and the Igbo variant, known as Ofe Akwu, in which Ugu or Scent leaves are included as opposed to the Delta version. Abak Atama is the name of the Efik adaptation. Whichever variation you like, banga soup is delicious, simple to cook, and loaded with advantages for women's health. Here are five incredible health advantages of Banga soup.

 1.Premenstrual syndrome is alleviated.

Banga soup can be quite beneficial for women who experience premenstrual syndrome. Consuming Banga soup, which contains magnesium and a mix of vitamins B6 and C, has been found in many studies to help lessen the effects of premenstrual syndrome.
This indicates that a bowl of Banga soup can aid in reducing PMS symptoms like breast discomfort, bloating, leg swelling, and sleeplessness.

2. Makes pregnant women's immune systems stronger

The vitamins A and E in banga soup are essential for pregnant women's immune systems and reproductive health.Their immune system benefits, and the skin and mucous membranes are better able to fend against viruses and bacteria. Additionally, eating this delightful treat can lower your risk of becoming vitamin A deficient.

3. Helps in skin health

For ladies concerned with their skin health, Banga soup is something you should try often. This is because it contains vitamin E which is a powerful natural antioxidant that helps in giving your skin a fresher look. It also reduces the risk of getting cancer. In addition to this, the vitamins present in Banga soup nourishes and protects skin and hair from dryness.

4. It is one food that has no negative effects on the child and mother

A pregnant woman always needs to be careful about the foods they consume in order not to harm their babies. However, Banga soup is one meal that is safe to eat while pregnant. This is because it does not affect the foetus or the mother.

5. Helpful for the eyes of the mother and child

The Vitamin A present in Banga soup acts like an antioxidant making it very vital for good vision for both a pregnant woman and her unborn baby.

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credits: Pethra Udeh/ToluRock