Python Culture 

Most of the time, snakes are thought of as evil creatures. They have been the greatest enemy to humans since the beginning of time, according to several historical records and religious doctrines.

But this isn't always the case. There are places where these creatures are seen as unharmful, worshipped and made pets. In places where they are worshipped, killing the smallest of it could attract very serious penalties. 

Python, despite how scary it looks due to its hugeness in size has been seen adored and worshipped by many, though the creature is considered a harmless being.
Further reports revealed that if someone mistakenly kills a snake in such places, he will have to appease the gods or face the consequences.

Places Where it is Forbidden to kill Pythons

1. Yobe State: The last and not the least on our list is Machina, a Local Government in Your State. They reserve respects for snakes in the community, no one touches them as they are seen as some kinda god.

2. Ebonyi State: Snakes in Okposi community of Ebonyi state are also forbidden to be killed by anyone. As there is regrettable punishment to be faced by anyone who violates the tradition.

3. Imo State: Also In Mgbidi, the headquarters of Oru West Local government area of Imo State, whether you are a stranger or citizen of the community, you are forbidden to kill pythons.

4. Anambra State: In Idemili and Ukpor, communities in the Nnewi-South Local Government Area of Bayelsa, it is forbidden to kill pythons and green snakes. Whoever tries killing these creatures in such places would sure have to perform burial rites and as well face other consequences.

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Petra Udeh/ToluRock