It is interesting to see that African women are refusing to back down in the technological revolution sweeping the continent. They are actively stirring towards making new changes in the African community and the world.

Today we’re spotlighting young African women who have gone against all odds to become  founders, co-founders, venture capitalists, top executives and Chief Executive Officers of start-ups in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Tunisia, Ethiopia, etc. They are a few out of the long list of powerful women helping to build the “New Africa”.

  • Nelly Chatue-Diop (Cameroun)
      Co-Founder & CEO Ejara

Ejara is a blockchain-based saving and investment platform for people in Francophone Africa and the diaspora. Founded in 2020, the Cameroon based start-up was able to raise $2million in October 2021, to offer crypto and investment services in Francophone Africa.

  • Odunayo Eweniyi (Nigeria)
      Co-Founder/COO, Piggyvest

Odunayo popularly addressed as “Tech Bro” has co-founded several successful start-ups such as Piggyvest, PushCV and Firstcheck. Piggyvest is West Africa’s first-ever online personal savings and investment app whose purpose is to empower people to better manage and save their money.

  • Jihan Abass (Kenya)
     Founder & CEO of LamiInsurtech

LamiInsurtech was founded in 2018 by Jihan, to democratise and digitise insurance products first in Kenya and across Africa. The start-up created an API insurance service platform to digitise the entire process. In May 2021, the start-up raised $1.8m in seed capital..

  • Sarah Menker (Ethiopia)
      Co-Founder & CEO, Gro Intelligence

Gro Intelligence founded by Sarah Menker is used to forecast global agricultural trends and battle food insecurity. Seeing how hunger and climate change are some of the major challenges in Africa, Sarah founded the start-up to tackle these challenges.

  • Nthabiseng Mosia (South Africa)
      Chief Commercial Officer / Co-founder, Easy Solar

Easy Solar, based in West Africa, is an off-grid solar distribution company. It supplies electricity to communities with little or no access to the grid. As a result of Mosia’s company, more than 350,000 residents of Sierra Leone’s communities have access to affordable energy.