The Tales of General Asoro : An Outstanding Warrior In The History Of Benin Kingdom

General Asoro is one remarkable historical figure of the Benin Kingdom as he fought to protect the Oba of Benin and allowed no one to pass the road leading to the Oba palace until his death.

Before he became a soldier, Asoro was a sword bearer to Oba Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (who reigned between 1888 and 1897). He was a symbol of strength, courage, and patriotism; qualities that earned him the coveted title of a General in the Benin Army.

He was one of the most outstanding warriors who fought gallantly during the Benin-British war. He led other warriors in resisting the entry of British invaders in 1897 into Benin City.

His statement "no other person dares pass this road except the Oba" (So kpon Oba) was later translated to "SAKPONBA", the name of a well-known road in Benin.

To commemorate his contribution, his statue was erected at what is now Oba Ovonramwen Square, at the beginning of Sakponba Road, Benin City. According to tradition, that was the very spot Chief Asoro died.

The Statue is still there till date.