Keeping up With the Imafidons of Nigeria- Widely Renowned as The World's Smartest Family.

Nigerians are considered to be very smart and brainy people who usually excel in academics in all countries around the world where they are found. This assertion is definitely no lie and has been exemplified by a Nigerian family in the UK; the Imafidon family.

The Imafidon family has come to be known as the smartest family in England.

The Imafidons are a Nigerian family of 7 living in England. Their father is Chris Imafidon and their mother is Ann Imafidon. Both parents are from Edo state who emigrated to England more than 30 years ago. They have 5 very intelligent children between them.

The family has achieved exceptional feats in the field of academics over the years that they have come to be known all over the world for their smartness.

Their father Chris Imafidon is a professor renowned to be a multi-award-winning scientist who has had his works featured in top media outlets across the world.

Paula and Peter Imafidon are twins and they are perhaps the most popular members of the Imafidon family. In fact, these two kids are considered to be the highest young achievers in Great Britain. At one point, they were even given the nickname “The Wonder Twins”.

When they were just 9 years of age, Paula and Peter made history as the youngest children in British history to attend high school. That immediately gained them some popularity in England. They also became the youngest persons ever to have passed the University of Cambridge’s advanced mathematics exam.

Ann-Marie Imafidon is the oldest child of the Imafidons. This young woman who is now 28-years- old is incredibly talented. She was already speaking six languages by the tender age of 10. She went on to become the youngest girl ever to pass A-level computing at the young age of 13.
The Imafidon family
Prof. Chris Imafidon
Dr. Annie-Marie Imafidon
In 2010, when she was just 19 years old, Ann-Marie became the youngest person ever to graduate with a Master’s degree. She is currently the CEO of Stemettes, an organization she launched in 2013 to champion the participation of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering And Mathematics).

For her work, Ann-Marie has been recognized by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II as a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, MBE.

Christiana Imafidon is another very brilliant child of the family. Young Christiana was just 11 years old when she got accepted to study at the United Kingdom University. This feat made her become the youngest person in history to study at any undergraduate level in a British university.

Another exceptional Imafidon by name Samantha stunned the UK when she passed two high school-level mathematics and statistics exams at the very tender age of 6. This young lady is also credited with as the one who had thoroughly mentored the twins, Peter and Paula, to pass their own test when they were also 6 years old..
Paula and Peter Imafidon
Christiana Imafidon
Samantha Imafidon