African Creatives Are Building Their Digital Influences In The Metaverse

“The metaverse is an extension of the internet that Africans can interact in, create in, collaborate in, compete in and building communities that allow for collaboration.” - William Jackson.

The Metaverse is an increasing influence for increasing numbers of Africans that are embracing their creativity, innovation, dreams, future visions of life in digital careers. What a testament to a digital reality (some still question this) combining social media, online gaming, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and digital interactions. Reminiscent of being in the movie "The Matrix 1999," augmenting realities overlay visual elements, sounds, and other sensory input onto real-world settings to enhance the user digital experience. The important aspect of the Metaverse is the UX - user experience for Africans. There are growing numbers of Metaverse worlds being created, some that will dazzle senses and some that make questionable what is really happening to the benefits of Africans. African history has shown that creative, innovative, inspired people take advantage of unique and problem-solving situations like the building of new digital worlds and placing increased educational resources online. Even seen in the digital realms of technology, history shows that courageous people learn as much as possible about new tech and apply to their needs to grow and the growth of their communities. Before the integration of technology educators, writers, statesmen/women, community leaders of the past like Alain Mabanckou , Ngugi wa Thiong'o , Wole Soyinka, and of course Chinua Achebe, among a vast number of writers and educators encouraged reading and applying new knowledge to build Africa as a world leader. Technology can be a defining and empowering force that levels the playing fields of digital careers and opens the digital career fields for Africans to advance in education, business, and commerce. Their writings changed how Africans saw themselves, how they grew to collaborate and cooperate because colonization separated Africans causing Africans to even question their own personal values and humanity. Technology with the integration of AI, VR, MR and the Metaverse is providing ways to share information and creating opportunities for digital access to create influential content that has Africans growing as continental influencers. The development of the Metaverse “digital experiences” technologies designed to communicate between digital environments are inspiring African youth, teens, and young adults in creating spaces and places. Increasing digital growth that allows access across digital landscapes, borders, boundaries, and physical divisions. African creators are crossing borders, landscapes, mountains, and deserts to build PLN - Professional Learning Networks and PLC – Professional Learning Communities to share relevant, real, and accurate content.
The African continent is a platform for intellectual and creative changes that are influencing the world. Digital content is influencing Africans thinking, and in their behaviors, making decisions how to build a business and make strong connections as influencers and content creators.

The need to agriculturally think is passing, while the need to think algorithmic is needed. So much is based on intellectual design, design and modeling, arts, and engineering, building on lands that are ethereal. Having the vision to take virtual lands and make them valuable and purposeful. What better way to expand the power and influence of Africa then to put Africa on the Metaverse and train artists, designers, and content creators. Across the African continent virtually life is growing and expanding with unlimited potential. That potential can empower, inspire, and educate African youth, teens, and young adults of the future. As my wife and I teach students from Clever Minds Foundation STEAM Center in Warri, Nigeria virtually. The need for educational access and skills are particularly important. Using Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse to expand the imagination and access to digital learning tools.

Africa has a solid resource of smart and creative people that can be seen in conferences like WordCamps.

Across Africa WordCamp conferences are building African youth, teen, and young adults as digital leaders and influencers across the continent and globally. The reality is companies, business owners and entrepreneurs that are participating in digital environments will engage in building lands as the internet and metaverse allows for engagement, creativity, innovation across Africa as never before. The technology can empower, inspire, and educate beyond what was available just 5 years ago. Traditional education for Africans is adapting to mixed and virtual realities that expand the minds to see unlimited potential of creativity and innovation.

Coming is WordCamp Jinja 2023, WordCamp Kampala 2023, WordCamp Nairobi 2023, and WordCamp Masaka (with a Kids Camp) 2023. African parents must get their children, youth and teens involved to learn about new careers that will have global implications in the economy. Online learning is in demand, African educators that are knowledgeable can make phenomenal changes to the educational system.

What better way to plant the seeds of innovation, to plant them into young African minds to help them grow and see a new vision for the future digitally. The next generations are seeing African nations put rockets and satellites into space. Putting deep submersible submarines in the oceans to study the growth of fish, coral reefs and the effects on African climates. There are 20 African nations that have space programs and will need African youth, teens, and young adults to be the future leaders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2beg-VXT6w&t=8s

African business leaders are starting to leverage their digital relationships to help predict future connectivity, influence of cybersecurity, and how international markets are being affected by digital engagements. The Metaverse and Blockchain technologies are a source of empowerment as never seen before for Africa. Social engagements share what consumers want and need. Living a digital life can bring about economic, social, political changes necessary for growth, influence across the continent. How Africans can benefit from the Metaverse is shared in this video that can apply across the continent https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXF1I4yixPk Africans must be able to pivot and adapt to environments that are intellectual not just agricultural. We are moving into a AI – Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Thinking mindsets.

Africa is at digital cross-roads for the future, the more Africans are involved the more they will build collaborations and cooperations that open new opportunities for careers. The time is now for Africa to prepare for the future with the Metaverse and Immersive technologies. To grow into leadership across economic, business, commerce and educational lines. The future is now for Africa.
WordCamp Conferences across Africa using the Metaverse to address accessibility and mobility issues. WordCamp Entebbe Uganda Africa (2022)


WordCamp Kampala Uganda 2023


WordCamp Nairobi Kenya 2023


WordCamp Jinja Uganda 2023 (Second Year)


WordCamp Masaka Uganda 2023


credits: William Jackson, M.Ed.
Certified VR and Metaverse Educator World Metaverse Council Education & Arts and Design