History: The Story of Ngwenyama Sobhuza II Who Became A King at Four Months And Ruled for 82 Years.

African ruler, Ngwenyama Sobhuza II became king before he could take his first step; the infant was crowned when he was just four months old. He remained king for 82 years.

King Sobhuza II witnessed the independence of Swaziland from Britain in 1968. Sobhuza II is the longest-reigning monarch in recorded history at 82 years, 254 days. He married 70 wives, who bore him 210 children between 1920 and 1970. When he died in 1982, he had more than 1000 grandchildren. His 18-year old son (at the time), Mswati III succeeded him as King and still rules Swaziland, now Eswatini, as an absolute monarch, the last of its kind in Africa.

King Sobhuza II, who was the eldest son of Ngwame V and his wife, Inkhosikati Lomawa Ndwandwe was born on July 22 1989 at the royal residence in Zombodze, then Swaziland.. He was named Nkhotfotjeni by his father at birth. After the death of his father, the royal council met, debated and eventually chose Nkhotfotjeni as king at only four months old.

As a mark of distinction, the kingly name Sobhuza II, a name only his great grandfather Sobhuza I, had borne, was selected and deemed fit for him.
However, being a minor and unfit to rule at the time, his grandmother, the Queen Mother, Labotsibeni became regent. She was assisted by her third son, Prince Malunge - an uncle to the infant king.

On December 22 1981, at the age of 22, Labotsibeni handed over the reins of leadership to Nkhotfotjeni. He was to become known as Ngwenyama (King) Sobhuza II

King Sobhuza II's reign spanned most of the major events and turning points in the history of modern Africa in the 20th century.

Ngwenyama Sobhuza II was known by various nicknames including 'The Lion' (meaning of Ngwenyama), 'The Great Mountain', 'The Son of the She-Elephant', The Inexplicable, and most profoundly 'The Bull' as a result of his harem of wives and numerous children.

At one point, Sobhuza II was literally the father of about one-tenth of his country's population during his reign.

At Age 83, Ngwenyama Sobhuza II died on August 21 1982 at the Embo State House.