The Argungu Fishing Festival or Argungu Dance Festival is an annual four-day festival in the states of Kebbi, and other northern states like Niger in the north-western part of Northern Nigeria.

The festival began in the year 1934, as a mark of the end of the centuries-old hostility between the Sokoto Caliphate and the Kebbi Kingdom. This festival has brought huge progress to the development of the state as a whole.

It is usually called a Fishing-Frenzy Festival. The festival is celebrated to mark the beginning of the fishing season in Argungu, a river-side town in Kebbi State. It is celebrated between February and March every year featuring kabanci – a series of water competitions including hand fishing, canoe racing, wild duck catching – as well as other traditional practices, such as the local style of wrestling and boxing.

Men and boys participate in the contests, while women provide the encouragement by performing songs and dances.