Africa is one continent with a rich culture.Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, both in population and land mass. In addition, Africa is one of the most diverse places in the world. This continent has over 2000 languages spoken by millions of people.

Here are the top five African countries with the most number of languages spoken according to Statista:

1) Nigeria - 520 languages

With the diverse culture in Nigeria, it is no surprise that this country tops the list. Nigeria has 520 different languages making it one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world.

Nigeria has English as its major language, with other languages such as Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, Edo, Idoma, Urhobo, Ijaw Ibibio, Kanuri, and Tiv also prominent.
2) Cameroon - 277 languages

Cameroon is also home to many languages as this African country has up to 277 languages. English and French are the major languages spoken in Cameroon and others include Basa, Bulu, Ghomala, Akoose, Bafut, Arabic, Balundu-bima, etc.
3) Democratic Republic of the Congo - 214 languages

The Democratic Republic of the Congo boasts about 214 different languages. Although French is the national language spoken in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are four national languages - Kituba (Kikongo), Lingala, Swahili, and Tshiluba spoken in this country.
4) Chad - 129 languages

With a population of 16 million, Chad comes fourth in the list of African countries with the most languages. The Republic of Chad has about 129 different languages spoken.The official language in this country is Arabic and French and some other languages spoken here are the Adamawa languages, Nilo-Saharan languages, Creole languages, and Afro-Asiatic languages.
5) Tanzania - 128 languages

Tanzania also makes it to the top five countries with the most languages in Africa. About 128 different languages are spoken in Tanzania with Swahili and English being the official languages in Tanzania. Some other languages spoken in Tanzania include Arabic, Chaga, Makonde, Sukama, Datooga, etc.