Africa Cannot Allow Other Nations To Educate Their Children Use Tech to Prepare Them for the Future

Technology Conferences across Africa are providing a new vision and opportunities for careers, jobs, startups, and collaborations. The opportunities for collaboration, cooperation, unification and development of technology businesses has never been more opportunistic and achievable. The influences of outside nations does not mean there is good intentions for African youth, teens and young adults. Education in Africa is under attack by nations that do not want Africa to blossom into a powerful and influencial continent. African youth, teens, and young adults can be business owners and move into entrepreneurship as never before because of the access to and using of technology. The world is changing and Africans are realizing that change is inevitable and can be profitable. Profitable not just with money, but with opportunities, profitable with potential and profitable with innovation and entrepreneurism. African youth and teens are beginning to see themselves as digital leaders and have access to careers they thought only available to Europeans or Americans.

African youth are developing skills across the digital spectrum that will help with future visions of success and financial stability. The possibilities for careers and jobs are endless when they’re applied what is learned after attending workshops, conferences, trainings and building startups for the future. Technology conferences like, Power of Africa, African Metaverse AI Summit, WordCamp and Poetry Prize all held in 2022 and 2023 can have an influence creating a foundation for learning and engagement with web development, graphic design, understanding new AI elements, VR environments and how the Metaverse is opening digital employment doors for global engagements. There are no less than 5 African technology conferences held in the cities of Masaka (Uganda), Nairobi (Kenya), (Uganda), Jinja (Uganda), Kampala (Uganda) and Entebbe (Uganda).
These are coordinated with the ICT programs crisscrossing the African continent. The growing opportunities to build skill-sets in youth and teens especially girls to build a foundation for their futures in diverse areas of technology and incorporating STEAM+M. What better ways to empower the future, invite youth and teens from 10 to16 to tech conferences and have their own workshops specifically for them. Tech conferences across Africa are doing just that. Having workshops just for youth and teens to train them in tech to be business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and thought leaders. This is a perceived threat to American and European nations. Building on the growing enhanced connectivity, a new wave of African startups has emerged, tackling some of the continent’s biggest challenges with “homemade” digital technologies. These can serve to enable cross-border collaboration, partnerships, cooperation and digital business development. African and European businesses can perceive this growth as a threat to their digital dominance. Education is the great equalizer and transformer of cultures, so Africa must not allow other nations to create educational programs that potentially lead African youth down the wrong path.

It's important to emphasize that the growth of technology in Africa should be seen as an opportunity for global cooperation and partnership rather than a threat. European nations can engage with African countries to foster mutual growth and address challenges related

to technology, education, and business in a collaborative manner, but history has shown the ill intent and dangerous intentions of colonization and domination.
Using STEAM+M Science Technology Engineering Arts Math Metaverse, as a foundation for learning and expanding the learning to Web Development. Teachers like William are expanding a new way to branch-out in discovery, creativity, and innovation with hands-on learning that blends AI, VR, Content Creation, Blogging, Metaverse and, Podcasting. Providing events that help girls to be celebrated, elevated, and cultivated as leaders, creatives, innovators and importantly technology entrepreneurs. Africa is a growing hub of technology and innovation, it is a dynamic community for innovative and transformative changes in STEAM+M. The growth in global collaborations across the continent are showing that next evolution is with technological integration and application. The push is on to integrate hands-on learning that focuses on learning that is relevant and world importance so African youth and teens see the value of learning and attending tech conferences. To teach youth, and teens the necessary skills to be employable, promotable, entrepreneurial, obtain leadership positions and to be authentically creative and innovative. African youth and teens are showing their value is even with and competitive with American and European youth and teens. African youth and teens have been through the struggles and challenges of life. Americans are in many ways spoiled, and saturated with useless knowledge they are ever more falling behind learning technical skills that will help them. African children understand the desire to obtain a strong education to improve not just their personal life, and the life of their families and communities. Africans are not spoiled in the lies of having more stuff is more important than having access to educational and employment opportunities.
The influences of the blending of learning, experiences, creativity, innovation, and tech programs that build African businesses. Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Arts/ Math/ Music/ Metaverse/AI/ VR/Immersive Environments are providing new learning opportunities for children of Africa and the African Diaspora. My company sponsors students and teachers to attend African technology conferences in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, and other venues. Providing sponsorships, but also to provide Spatial Metaverse Galleries to support the speakers and organizers and address the issues of accessibility for the those that cannot travel to conferences because of physical, mental, financial, emotional and other issues that challenge accessibility and mobility. African parents must continue to prepare their children now to be educated, employable, sustainable, and scalable to flow with the changing directions with technology, creativity, and innovation. The future is with the diversity of technology and innovation, it is not in the future, but the present. Prepare African children to be employable, scalable leaders and influencers. Build continental education that no matter where African children travel they will be able to help Africa grow, help Africa prosper and build a better and influencial Africa for the now and the future.