5 Amazing Facts About the Red Lake in Tanzania That Turns Animals into Stones

Just over 100 kilometres northwest of the town of Arusha, in northern Tanzania, is Lake Natron. Lake Natron is sometimes referred to as Tanzania's beautiful but deadly red lake. It is extraordinary not only because it occasionally turns red, but also because the adjacent volcano has made it extremely caustic (alkaline). It is poisonous to most animals because of this. In and around the lake, there are many dead animals and birds.
1. Phantom rain

Even though rain falls on Lake Natron, a large portion of that is "phantom rain"— it evaporates before it reaches the surface.

2 . Only flamingos can live on the lake

The lake is the largest breeding site for flamingoes, the bacteria in the lake that kills most birds does not affect flamingos.
3. Terminal Lake

Lake Natron and Lake Bahi are the two alkaline lakes in East Africa. Both are terminal lakes because they do not drain into any river or sea but are fed by rivers and hot springs.

4. The water in the lake is toxic.

Large salt, soda, and magnesite deposits can be found in Lake Natron. This water will damage the internal organs of any animal that drinks it.
5. The water is red and hot

The algae that grow in Lake Natron's hypersaline environment causes the water to occasionally turn red (or orange-red). Even from space, you can see the red water, the water can get piping hot, as hot as 60 degrees Celsius.