Country Where Both Males and Females Wear Same Clothes

Every country in the world has its own ancient traditions and culture. There are many countries with very strange and unique traditions. What if we tell you that there is a country where both males and females wear same clothes?

Yes! You heard it right. Today we are here to inform you about a country which has a funny tradition.

If you have knowledge about African countries or island countries, then you will definitely know about Madagascar. It is an island located on the East coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Madagascar is the world’s second-largest island country.

It is a country where, on special occasions, men or women, children or old people, all wear the same clothes, which in the local language is called ‘Lamba’. You will be surprised to know that at weddings here people wear Lamba attire.
Madagascar has been separated from Africa hundreds of years ago. This is the reason why most of the plants and animals found on this island are not found anywhere else on earth. The old name of Madagascar is Malagasy Republic.

Many strange animals are also found on the island, including the tenrec (rat with thorns), the brightly colored chameleon. However, many animals here are now on the verge of extinction. Madagascar is often called the ‘Great Red Island’ because of the prominence of red lateritic soils. This soil is generally not suitable for agriculture.

There is a dispute about who settled first in Madagascar. Some anthropologists believe that Indonesians first settled here 2000 years ago. Africans were not among the first settlers here, they arrived here much later. No evidence of Stone Age is found here.

Writer: Petra