The Land Mass of 10 African Countries

The majority of Africa is located in the tropical zone, which is divided nearly evenly by the Equator and results in a varied climatic and geographic environment. Africa is home to 54 recognized countries, each contributing to the beauty of the continent’s size.

While several African nations boast expansive territories, there are those with comparatively smaller land masses. Despite their size, these nations play distinctive roles, contributing to Africa's geographical diversity.
From compact nations with coastal hubs, and scorching deserts to those with dense rainforests or endless plains, Africa showcases a remarkable array of geographical wealth.

Below are the smallest African countries by land mass: Rank Country Landmass (Sq.km)

1 Seychelles 460

2 São Tomé and Príncipe 960

3 Comoros 1,861

4 Mauritius 2,040

5 Cabo Verde 4,030

6 Gambia 11,300

7 Eswatini 17,360

8 Djibouti 23,200

9 Rwanda 26,340

10 Burundi 27,830