Nigeria as we all know is called the "Giant of Africa" and this title isn’t just self-acclaimed but earned as she embodies the continent's best virtues of unity, industry and strength. Nigeria is Africa's model nation state amongst the comity of nations of the world.

At the core of some of our interest areas on Africa's development here at Power of Africa, we present to you some interesting facts about Nigeria, one of Africa ‘s largest countries.

1. First on the list is Igbo Ora, a small community in Oyo, South West Nigeria. In 2019, Igbo Ora was regarded as the twin capital of the world and this is because more twins are born in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else in the world, it is said that almost every house has at least one set of twins.

2. Nigeria is home to two (2) of the world's UNESCO heritage sites, the Sukur Cultural Landscape in Adamawa, North East Nigeria and the Osun Osogbo Sacred Grove in Osun, South West Nigeria. A world heritage site according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, a landmark area designated for having historical and scientific significance that are considered to be of outstanding value to humanity. Glad to see that Nigeria ticks this box.

3. Nigeria is home to the oldest financial service institution in West Africa. First Bank of Nigeria Limited (formerly known as Bank of British West Africa) was founded in 1894 and renamed First Bank of Nigeria in 1979, with its headquarters at Marina, Lagos South West Nigeria. Customers of the First Bank should be proud lol!

4. Nigeria is Africa's largest oil and gas producer in Africa and the 11th in the world's community of oil producing exporting countries. Nigeria's oil production capacity is currently pegged at 1,775,940 barrels per day. Parts of the country that contain crude oil and natural gas reserves all amount to about 37,070,000,000 barrels, making Nigeria the 10th country in the world with largest oil reservoir which also accounts for about 2.2% of the world's total oil reserves.

5. Lastly, of all 500 ethnic groups spread across Nigeria, Yoruba, Hausa, Ibo and Fulani are the largest tribes in the whole of Africa.