Learning is an integral part of the volunteering process. It goes beyond textbooks and formal education. On the field is where we encounter real-life challenges and complexities that sharpens our critical thinking and adaptability. It is where we learn from experienced mentors, well informed community members, and from other individuals we serve.

In a world that often values monetary compensation above anything else, it can be easy to overlook the tremendous impact of volunteerism. However, the true essence of giving back lies not in the pursuit of financial gain but in the fulfillment of one's responsibilities towards their community and society as a whole.

To the young and vibrant hearts of Africa, I urge you to take volunteering seriously, and never neglect responsibilities simply because you are not getting paid.

As young Africans, we possess a boundless stream of energy, creativity, and we are often able to offer fresh perspectives. By channeling these qualities into volunteer work, we can tackle pressing issues and inspire positive change. Moreover, volunteering helps us grow as individuals, nurturing leadership skills and fostering a deeper understanding of the world around us.
African Youths Volunteer Corps at a summit
It starts with you, it starts with us, the youths.

It is essential to treat volunteerism with the same level of dedication and accountability as any other commitment. Show up on time, be reliable, and fully immerse yourself in the projects you undertake. Respect the time and efforts of those you work with, be open to learning from others, and continuously strive to improve.

In conclusion, let us be the champions of purposeful volunteering in Africa. By taking our roles seriously and embracing the journey of learning, we can unleash the true power of volunteerism. Let us be the generation that stands for compassion, empathy, and progress, for ourselves and the communities we serve.

Written by John Akinseloyin (Founder, Krawdwise Africa).