We are sure you’ve seen the most beautiful buildings in Africa, and the tallest ones, but have you seen the most unusual ones? Let’s take you through this cruise... lol!

1.The Shoe, Ohrigstad, South Africa

The Shoe is sometimes called the "shoe house". But it is actually a small museum displaying the wood carvings of artist Ron Van Zyl, who constructed it for his wife in 1990.

The complex also includes a guest house, restaurant, pool, bar, and campsite.

2. The Big Pineapple, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa

The Big Pineapple is another bizarre structure built in the shape of a recognizable object and is situated in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

The giant fruit building stands 16.7 meters tall, and is a tribute to the important role that the pineapple fruit plays in the region's agricultural economy.

3. Nahemba Tower, Brazzaville, Congo

Here is another towering edifice which is quite unusual.

Also referred to as the "Elf Tower," this office skyscraper has a base which is narrower than the rest of the structure. This gives it a precarious look, like it could topple at any moment.

4. St. Paul's Cathedral in Abidjan, Côte d'lvoire (Ivory Coast)

This Roman Catholic cathedral was designed by Aldo Spirito, and features an unusual modern sculpture out front which soars dramatically in front of the building itself. The stained glass windows are also noteworthy, featuring lovely images reflecting the natural beauty and
culture of the locale.

5. Lalibela: Ethiopia

This temple complex of 11 churches has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. You can tell right off the top that these structures are bizarre, but what makes them so unusual? It all comes down to the way they were constructed.

Rather than being built on top of the ground, they were dug directly out of it. They are unique in all the world.

What a sight these are in Africa? Ofcourse, these are nothing short of amazing architectural art. 

credit: Tomi Ayodele