Do Yo Know? - Africa Experiences Snowfalls!

Contrary to popular belief, Africa experiences snowfall in many of its countries and cities. It's a common misconception that snow doesn't occur in Africa due to its tropical climate. However, there are numerous regions where snowfall is a regular occurrence. Some of such places in Africa includes:

1. Lesotho

The country of Lesotho borders South Africa and it is quite cold and it snows a lot. The peak of winter lasts from June until August. During winter, temperatures can be very low and can reach 0 degrees Celsius.

2. South Africa

South Africa has a unique climate. This country typically experiences freezing winters, with temperatures as low as -16 degrees Celsius because of its location near the South Pole. Winter lasts from June to August in some regions.

3. Morocco

This African country is closest to the European country of Spain. Additionally, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean encircle it. Winter temperatures can range from as low as -5 degree Celsius to -8 degree Celsius, depending on the zone. It usually snows between December and February.

4. Uganda

Rwenzori Mountain is situated along Uganda's border with the Central African Republic.The mountain is so cold it has glaciers, snow and ice. Temperatures usually range from 20 degrees Celsius to -5 degrees or lower.

5. Tanzania

The tallest mountain in Africa is Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. The mountain became cooler than the rest of Africa as a result of the equatorial trade winds and high-altitude anti-trades. On the top, it can get as cold as -15 to -29 degrees Celsius. It happens more often in June, July, August, and September.