The African fashion scene is a tasteful display of the continent's beautiful aura that transcends its flourishing animate and inanimate environment. African fashion is no more no less African culture - a way of life for the African people.

Africa's unique historical identity is what inspires the majority of her fashion trends from time to time as a retinue of creative professionals from all over the world have continued to beam their search light on the continent for the best of stories and scenarios to drive impressions and garner appeal for their respective business fronts.

As globalization began to open up spaces for fusion of ideas amongst role players and renewed vigor for cultural integration, a few African observers have oftentimes accused the Western society of cultural appropriation - a case of not acknowledging the adoption of certain elements of African culture or identity for a number of obscure reasons.

While the rest of the world is constantly in awe of Africa's gorgeous fashion statements, this piece would cast a beam on a certain Somali-born American, Fatima Said, a model of African ancestry whose "stormy beginnings" back home in Africa eventually transformed into a bright career pathway in runway fashion that would see her star in top fashion events all over the world

Fatima Ali Siad was born on January 1, 1986 in Mogadishu, Somalia. She grew up as a child of three (girls) from parents of mixed African ancestry (her mother is Somali, and her father is Ethiopian). During the civil war in Somalia, Fatima's two sisters were killed, and when she was thirteen, her mother immigrated to America with her. Fatima's parents unfortunately had to go through a divorce during this period.

Her journey to stardom began in earnest as soon as she emerged a finalist on the America's Top Next Model (ATNM) show. As a finalist, she gained much sympathy with her early admission of having suffered the horror of female genital mutilation (FGM) when she was seven years old. Immediately recognized as stunningly beautiful, she went far in the competition where she placed third on the show in cycle 10. The 35 year old beauty queen has gone on to appear as a front page reference for numerous ad campaigns and runway shows.

Siad is currently signed with New York Model Management in New York City as well as with Munich Models in Munich, Germany. She used to be signed with IMG Models in New York City, Paris, Milan, and London, and Ace Models in Athens, Greece.

Even though Africa continues to play second fiddle to other continents due to socioeconomic disparities, there is a feeling of pride and accomplishment for Fatima Said and many other models who have blazed the trail by exporting the beauty and wonders of Africa's fashionable impression to admiration of many pro-African personalities all over the world.