Africa seats gallantly at the top (only second to Asia) of the world's population pyramid where majority of the citizens in over 54 of her member states play key roles in the economic development of their communities across diverse small, medium and large scale business fronts. By virtue of this numerical advantage, there is an abundance of ready and available manpower and labour that can be hired for large scale productivity. A typical African believes that the strength of his/her arm is what would determine the size of harvest reaped. This is what fuels his/her desire to build, create, thrive and prosper in all industrial endeavours. The continent not only boasts of its manpower strength and dynamics of her population. Across its length and breadth spanning over 30.4 million square kilometres, there are enormous deposits of mineral resources deeply seated at the bottom of her green fields and dark brown soil. These resources have ensured that Africa remains the cynosure of the eyes of the international community. Africa also flourishes with the diversity in her wild life, tall trees and many other ecological spectacles it was generously bestowed upon by nature. She contributes in no small measure to the global food basket as a major leading exporter. Her cash crops and local food additives are the most sought after starting materials for numerous industrial processes in some of the biggest manufacturing sites across the world. Africa has excelled in the areas of arts, literature, music, sports and very recently in tech. African states have matured rapidly in sociopolitical stature despite being annex centres for colonialist powers some centuries long ago. Everything good one can think of happening in our world today has a touch of Africa, by origin or by proxy, as one of its positive force. Africa's incredible potentials are a testament to her innate abilities to grow past and beyond what is obtainable now. Africa is a land of promise, of never-ending hope and of great expectations. The exploits of her countrymen over time in their various endeavours are begging for that kindred alliance that is necessary to scale it above and beyond the borders of Africa to an extent that the African people on whose back surplus value would be built as a result of collective labour would experience economic transformation. This economic transformation would gradually be attained as soon as we expand the local production capacities of our essential commodities up to a level that we are self sufficient and we have more than enough to export. This would require collective efforts from all and sundry across all industrial divides - to build, to scale and to provide value the African way. For us as Power of Africa, we are committed to showcasing Africa's outstanding exploits to the rest of the world by leading frontline conversations amongst major role players and policy makers sparsely distributed across the vast network of the continent's socioeconomic industrial complex. We believe that these conversations would birth opportunities for cultural exchange, transcontinental partnerships, capacity expansions and growth for many industries striving to take Africa to the next level of global reckoning. The conversations we would be leading, we believe, shall be precursors to widespread, far reaching and impactful community social responsibility projects across African communities in a manner that would guarantee the much needed economic transformation we so desire in no distant future. In all, we seek to actualize the goal of showcasing a New Africa, cutting across major sectors such as Politics, Education, Technology, Health, Agriculture, Finance, Energy ( Oil, Gas and Power), Media (Arts and Culture) and International Trades.