Uganda is a landlocked East African country described by Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom as "the Pearl of Africa".

This is because of its abundant biodiversity, color profusion, brilliant life and the serene beauty of a significant portion of its countryside. Truly the country has got everything you might need to see as you visit it intact. In fact, everything you need in the travel world is most likely to be in Uganda.

One of Uganda's unique selling points for tourist visitors is in its compendium of art pieces and artefacts representing the different stages of evolution of the Ugandan society, and all other forms of artistic expression located in one of its popular art galleries in the country's capital city of Kampala - the AFRIART Gallery.

AFRIART Gallery (AAG), founded in 2002 has since become a leading contemporary art gallery representing arts from Africa. The gallery, which was founded by Daudi Karungi, a trained artist, focuses on original forms of expression and dialogue with the public. It provides an environment where collectors can find powerful contemporary artistic ideas and discussions.

This classy little gallery features works by serious local artists. It is a 2-storey building located along Kira Road in Kampala. The ground floor has on its display changing monthly exhibits, while the floor above is a permanent collection of artworks, but everything is for sale. A visitor to the gallery had this to say while submitting a review to the popular online travel site, TripAdvisor - "we visited a few art galleries in Kampala, and AFRIART impressed us most with the quality and beauty of the carefully selected artworks here. Prices are high, but some small items are more affordable, and the visit is worth it even if you don't buy anything because you will have seen some truly beautiful art".

AFRIART Gallery is a focal point of Kampala’s artistic community and provides a wonderful space to experience the exquisite art of Uganda. This leading private art gallery in Uganda seeks to enrich the knowledge of visitors about contemporary African art and provide the most varied selection for the enthusiastic art collector in the gallery’s permanent collection.

Apart from exhibitions, AFRIART has launched some exciting products and initiatives, such as a members' art lounge on 7th (a new gallery site), an art shop, art consultancies, interior design and professional framing services. Art lovers from around the world are surely going to love the sights here at the AFRIART gallery in Kampala, in the country Uganda - where nature is expressly displayed in its full glory and art is a medium for telling its amazing story.